FL Right to Life Press Release on Anti-POLST victory

From Florida Right to Life:

For Immediate Release: 02/16/2018

Contact: Lynda Bell, President 850-999-8821

In a stunning victory for life, our elderly, sick and vulnerable were sav ed from a dangerous piece of legislation called Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment, (or POLST.) Our legislative team led by attorney Jan Halisky kept the committee members informed about this life ending legislation. Wednesday afternoon, Senator Brandes, presented his legislation to the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee of Health and Human Services.

Speaking against the Bill were Florida Right to Life President, Lynda Bell, Diane Gowski, MD, State Director of the Catholic Medical Association, and Belinda Herring, member of the CMA guild. They gave excellent and compelling presentations on th e harm that approving POLST would do, possibly causing the untimely death of many vulnerable patients.

In fact FRTL President Lynda Bell told the committee members she had renamed the legislation “POLET”, Physicians Orders for Life “Ending” Treatment because there is nothing lifesaving about this legislation. This legislation was and is backed by the pro assisted suicide organization, The Hemlock Society.

After committee members spoke against Senator Brandes’ legislation he suddenly withdrew it, stating he would be back next year!

Special thanks and appreciation goes to the Chair Anitere Flores and Senators Passidomo, Baxley and Stargel for so eloquently speaking against POLST. Passidomo explained her concerns that the POLST form would overrule the patients advance directive while Baxley wisely observed that often “right to die” means “ought to die”. Senator Stargel carefully expressed her concerns. In fact, the only one speaking in favor of the legislation was liberal anti life Democrat Lauren Book.

While we rejoice in this victory, Senator Brandes has promised to file the bill again in 2019. There is no time to rest; we can be certain that the POLST Task Force and the Hemlock Society will continue to lobby for this perilous legislation.

They can be assured, we will be there too, vigilantly continuing the fight for life!