The AMA in Solidarity with Planned Parenthood. The AMA’s Dead Zone on Life

From the Sunbeam Times on November 19, 2015

“The AMA meeting is now over. The delegates have left. 71 souls voted against Planned Parenthood in the AMA House of Delegates. About 25 of the bravest souls were willing to actually stand up for their “no” vote – counted before God and their fellow man. 363 wayward souls (84%) cast a vote to stand in solidarity with Planned Parenthood and their corrupt behavior leading to millions of induced intrauterine deaths by doctors (abortions).

This is the result I expected. God granted the grace and mercy that was needed to actually get to the house to vote on this matter. That took a great deal of work, a great deal of parliamentary maneuvering and a great deal of prayer by the hundreds praying in support of this mission at the AMA. I also believe it took a little bit of persuasion of the Holy Spirit for one of the leaders running the meeting to make sure that I could speak. The work now is to let Americans know that the AMA is in solidarity with death, not with life.

It is apropos that during the meeting and electronic device was used to count votes. During the entire meeting 30 of those devices would not work as they were located in what was described as a “dead zone”.

It is clear that there is a large dead zone in the AMA as a whole. An AMA dead zone on life

Even after the vote one wayward soul walked up to me to discuss the matter. After some polite formalities he tried to point me to some alleged Catholic priest who clearly excommunicated himself by stating that some ethics are situational. He claimed that there are times when it is okay to kill a baby for the greater good. This for wayward soul frequently advocates for ending the life of the frail in the sick in our hospitals to save money for a larger system. He confidently told me that he had publicly renounced Christianity. I told him that he should come back to God. His vanity was his guiding light and I now know that I need to keep him in my prayers. I would ask all of you to keep the dead zone of the AMA in your prayers so that those souls can return to God as well.

Thanks to all who prayed and offered all kinds of support during this battle for life in America.”